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Living Kidney Donors with Kidney Disease

I almost referred to this post as “living kidney donors: current state of affairs, part 2”, but thought I’d go for something more specific, even though I’m about to point out another flaw with Ms. Davis’ recent article.

She states:

More current analyses of the OPTN data by Cherikh et al revealed that 148 previous living kidney donors were on the kidney waiting list between January 1, 1996, and March 31, 2007.

‘More current’ clearly does not denote most current considering an SRTR presentation at a 2008 ACOT meeting indentified 112 living kidney donors with end-stage renal disease and an additional 56 registered on the national waiting list as prior kidney donors.

What’s curious is that ACOT meeting notes are posted on the web for public consumption, so Ms. Davis had access to the information as easily I do. Why did she choose to use outdated statistics, data that clearly minimized the numbers of LKDs with kidney disease and failure?

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