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LKDs wait listed for transplant, part II

One of the important questions surrounding living kidney donation, especially in terms of those diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, is how many years lapsed between donation and onset of disease.

Painfully, due to our country’s complete neglect of living donors, we don’t have an answer to this question. According to my data set, out of 285 LKDs listed for transplant, they only this info on 15% of the LKDs in question.

Yes, that’s right, 85.1% of the living kidney donors who have been listed for transplant since April 1994 donated pre-1994 so they NOTHING on them.

The reason this pisses me off (aside from the obvious) is because in order for these LKDs to be listed, they had to see an actual specialist. In other words, a hospital had to evaluate and jump through administrative hoops to list them for the transplant.

Why the HELL didn’t someone gather this information?? They bothered to ask and notate that said person was a prior living kidney donor, so how much freaking work would it have taken to say “Oh hey, and when did you donate?”

And how much flipping effort would it have taken the UNOS person/people who deal with wait list registrations to make a FUCKING PHONE CALL and find out when the LKD donated??

Forty years of living donors are lost* because everyone was too lazy to ask a simple question. Repugnant.

*and the rest of us screwed


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