Lunacy, Part Two

A new vaccine against HPV (Human Papillomavirus) could prevent 70% of cervical cancer cases in American women. Yet “pro-family” groups oppose it. Why? Because HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, they reason, and giving girls this vaccine will promote promiscuity.

Gardasil will cause promiscuity in the same way forcing your kid to wear a bicycle helmet will motivate him to jump the nearest canyon on his Huffy.

And some of my favorite corporate entities – the health insurance companies – don’t want to pay for it. Like the Hepatitis B vaccine, Gardasil has three phases, so it’s a wee more expensive than your average prescription for Viagra (which they do cover). And we know these businesses aren’t really concerned with your health; just with their profit margin.

Nearly 10,000 cases are still diagnosed each year in this country. Worldwide, an estimated 231,000 women die annually of cervical cancer.

Treatment for cervical cancer includes hysterectomy, radiation and chemotherapy

Someone should really check their math.

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