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Dan Harr of Music News Nashville recently wrote an article regarding the difficulty of being a small or medium sized media outlet and obtaining access to A-listers. While the article really says nothing I (and most freelancers and those affiliated with indie publications) don’t already know, some of the comments were quite illuminating.

Especially from one Tamara Saviano of Ellis Creative. She said, in part, “None of the artists I represent are “today’s hot ticket.” But I wouldn’t waste their limited interview time on a small internet outlet that only reaches 80,000 people”.

Fortunately, I’ve never worked with Ms. Saviano or her agency, but something tells me if word of this little outburst gets around, media type folks won’t be rushing to cover her clients anytime soon.

Anyway, in perusing my GalleyCat Daily Feed, I ran across this little gem from Grist wherein the writer describes a press conference given for Leo DiCaprio’s new eco-documentary. The article reads in part:

The Warner Entertainment office had set up a tiered system where media outlets that could provide some free ad time or space for the film got face time with DiCaprio, those with smaller budgets or sterner editors got to participate in roundtable discussions with him in a hotel suite, and the rest of the herd could take turns asking questions of four key players at the press conference: producer-directors Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners; Bioneers founder and film subject Kenny Ausubel; and, yes, DiCaprio.

Leo is probably worth more than some developing nations (the guy bought an ISLAND for crying out loud) and you just know those Warner Entertainment Executives are raking in the big bucks. But they want media outlets to give them FREE ad time/space? How, exactly, do they think media outlets make money, especially now when everyone expects to get everyone on the internet for free?

(It’s called Advertising, fuckwits, cuz God knows no one is actually paying for subscriptions anymore!)

So things are worse than Mr. Harr thought. Apparently media outlets are actually expected to PAY the celebrity for the priviledge of speaking to them. Too bad Leo couldn’t see fit to pay his own film crew.

Just read the article; you’ll get it.

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