Meet Min….

This is my sister Mary, aka Mary Kay (but only by the family). If the prior photo was taken a billion years ago, this clocks in at nearly two; those two little girls are beautiful women in college now.

Mary, or “Min” as she’s sometimes known, is the closest thing our family has to a Mary Poppins. She doesn’t break into song like Julie Andrews and I’ve never known her to own one of those little umbrellas, but she does become giddy after a single glass of wine, and she’s moved to tears over schmaltzy television ads. Her laugh is infectious and she manages to be sunshine without a smidge of the cheerleader perkiness that so often makes people fantasize about picking up a blunt weapon.

In so many ways, she inspires me to be a better person.

But don’t tell her I said that – it’ll ruin my street cred.

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