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Mind-Blowing (not in a good way) Living Donor Headline of the Day

From the Henry Ford Health System, via PRWeb:

Adult Living Donor Liver Transplant Safe.

On what planet are a 61% complication rate and 25% re-hospitalization considered ‘safe’?

I just – seriously? – Do I even need to explain this?

And just to increase the irony, let me point out this little live liver donor article I saw yesterday (yes, really, yesterday):

The remaining 44 (53%) reported: intolerance to fatty meals and diarrhea (31%), gastroesophageal reflux associated with left liver hypertrophy (9%), incisional discomfort requiring pain medications (6%), severe depression requiring hospitalization (4%), rib pain affecting lifestyle (2%), and exacerbation of psoriasis (1%). Median satisfaction score was 8. Self-esteem diminished in 5%. Thirty-nine (47%) recommended improvements particularly more detailed informed donor consent and a centralized living donor liver registry.

And this was after a median 69 months post-donation.

Safe. I do not think that word means what you think it means, Henry Ford Health System.

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