more on that AOL Pay for Play thing…

Lovely editorial from The Mercury News:

The only aspect this editorial doesn’t address is that this “pay for email” system does not guarantee reduced spam. In fact, spammers will be encouraged by such systems, since it will GUARANTEE delivery.

A fabulous pdf report on the rate of email actually being delivered. Has a fun little bar chart of major isp non-delivery rates.
Return Path’s “Email Blocking and Filtering Report

News story about the hullabaloo. Interestingly yahoo is planning something similar but they’re keeping their plans on the D.L…
Diverse Groups Team Up to Fight Email Fee

The sad part about all this, in my opinion, is that people who possess a modicum of internet savvy avoid AOL. So the huge majority of AOL subscribers are about two steps away from technological illiteracy and they won’t understand why this ‘pay for email’ service is a spam and email nightmare.

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