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More on those those latest living kidney donor studies

If you think I had a lot to say, you should browse this lengthy thread.

A few smattering comments:

-Control group should’ve included people with one kidney for other reasons aside from donation.

-study should not be funded in part or in whole by pharmaceutical companies who make anti-rejections meds (conflict of interest, anyone?)

-the living donors studied were younger than current living donors.

-the living donors selected in the past had higher GFR (kidney function) pre-donation than the living donors selected currently, hence skewing the results.

-Among Living Kidney Donors who responded to contact by sending a simple questionnaire, 76% refused to come to have the physical exam, give the lab tests, and answer the longer questionnaire. That is HUGE.

-Refusers were on average younger than the full participants. The 76% refusers had higher reported rates of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and reported higher average glucose, cholesterol, cholesterol, and triglycerides — in spite of being somewhat younger.

If you have the time, please read the entire thread. I think you’ll be amazed what you learn.

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