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More Proof That Organ Markets Are a Bad Idea

A Michigan State University researcher has found that selling a kidney or liver lobe is becoming more prevalent in Bangladesh, despite its illegality.

The sellers are poverty-stricken, and often in debt, particularly due to micro-loans from NGOs. Desperation leads the vulnerable members of the family unit (usually women) to sell their organs first, followed by other family members when A. the debt has not been fully paid, B. the organ donor/seller is physically compromised and can no longer work, and/or C. the broker reneges on the deal and never remits payment.

Think about it: if one engages in illegal activity and doesn’t get paid, who does one complain to?


Another disgusting layer is the fact that the brokers and recipients are often Bangladeshi-born foreign nationals living in places such as the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Because organ-selling is illegal, the brokers forge documents indicating the recipient and seller are related and claim the act is a family donation.


As Moniruzzaman says in the video (which is well worth watching and only four minutes), “The body parts of the poor are finding their way to the wealthy few.”


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