My God, I Can’t Make This Sh*t Up

The Headline: Warner’s Robinov Bitchslaps Film Women; Gloria Allred Calls For Warner’s Boycott

The gist: Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that “We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead”. This Neanderthal thinking comes after both Jodie Foster’s The Brave One and Nicole Kidman’s The Invasion (as if three different directors didn’t have something to do with the awfulness of the gross receipts) under-performed at the box office recently.

A bit of fall-out, and oh yes, a little more

And naturally, the follow-up by the original reporter.

The end result? The original report was Friday, and after much hand-wringing, off-the-record-ing, and no-commenting, Nikki follows up with:

Sources inside Warner’s tell me that, 1) Robinov doesn’t believe there’s an actress who can carry a movie worldwide since Julia Roberts, 2) Robinov has now gone so far as admitting to his studio colleagues that the decree I reported was made when he was “in the room”, 2) Robinov is acknowledging that the studio is reassessing the strategy of making action pictures starring women, 3) Robinov was inundated with calls on Monday and Tuesday from media and Hollywood types asking him about my posting, 4) Robinov has three pics currently in production and six in pre-production and not one stars a women as the main lead of the film, 5) he’s nixed Wonder Woman as a stand-alone film, downgrading her to just one of four superhero characters in the proposed Justice League, and, 6) Robinov will only make Wonder Woman as a spin-off of Justice League, about four superheroes including Wonder Woman. But his proviso is that JL would have to do really, really boffo to justify having a female star-driven pic. Again, I stand by my story.

My thoughts? I honestly expected Robinov to do a Mea Culpa and utter some lame excuse that it was an “emotional utterance”. However, can you imagine backlash if he had said, “No more blacks in lead roles!” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with trip over each other to throw their faces on CNN and MSNBC. But women? Eh, who cares.

How many movies are made every year and how many fail to earn a profit? How many of those movies are written by men? Directed by men? Starring men? But yet I don’t hear Robinov or anyone else declaring a ban on men.

Because it would be ridiculous thing to say. Gosh, good thing we didn’t change the lead role in the Alien trilogy from a man as it was written to that no-money-making Sigourney Weaver…

Misogyny lives. Until then, boycott Warner Brothers. Thank you.

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