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No Reason Not to Use Deceased Liver Donors Over 60 Years Old

As OPTN has admitted, organs from deceased donors over the age of 50 are often discarded despite being viable. A recent study compared patient and graft (transplanted organ) survival rates in liver transplant recipients given livers from deceased donors younger than 60, 60-70 years of age, and older than 70 years old.

Summary results are as follows:


Patient survival 1-year 3 year 5-year
<60yoa   (n=226) 81% 76.1% 71%
60-70yoa    (n=75) 83.8% 74% 72.2%
>70yoa   (n=25) 76% 70% 64.1%


Graft Survival 1-year 3-year 5 year
<60yoa   (n=226) 74.8% 69% 64.1%
60-70yoa    (n=75) 82.7% 71.4% 69.6%
>70yoa   (n=25) 71.4% 64.8% 58.3%



Because patient and graft survival rates are not affected by donor age, well-selected older donor livers can be safely used if they show good function and preharvesting conditions.


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