NOLA update…

My friend’s husband is an outside lineman, meaning that he’s one of those dudes running around in the electric company trucks whenever your power goes out. Anyway, the whole lot of them were abruptly laid off in Cleveland when all the projects were canceled with an hour’s notice (yes, there are rumors to the reason, but I’ll not get into that here). So a crew of them headed south to find temporary work. This is an email I received about his current status:

After a few more phone calls, they made a slight right-hand turn and headed for New Orleans. They arrived Tuesday at around 1am only to find that the accommodations they were told to go to didn’t know they were coming, so they had to find somewhere else to stay that night. They ended up going to a Holiday Inn that was only partially remodeled – they were on the 7th floor and the elevator hadn’t been fixed yet! … He said if someone had tried to describe the conditions of parts of New Orleans still today he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it himself. Some crews are working seven 13 hour days to try to get these places back into shape. They call parts of the city “The Dark Side.” I told him to try to get some disposable cameras. No word on how long he will be there.

If any photos arise, I’ll post em here.

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