Deceased Organ Donation

Now For the Educational Portion of Our Program

How many people in the U.S., would you guess, are waiting for a kidney?

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As I’m posting this, over 76,000 people are slowly dying because their kidneys are failing.

And why are they failing? According to this page, there are 61 different diagnosis that can lead to the necessity for a kidney transplant. Some are expected; cancer, prior transplant failure, and even diabetes. Others – prune belly disease, included – are probably things most medical students forget less than 24 hours after passing the state boards.

From July 1, 2005 thru June 30, 2007, almost 5100 of those people died because they couldn’t get a kidney.

Think of how many of those people ccould be saved if everyone agreed to be an organ donor on their driver’s license and in their wills. You’re already dead, what do you need them for? In the big scheme of things, it’s a really easy way to save a life.

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