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Obesity (BMI of 35 or higher) Causing Potential Living Kidney Donor Rejections

Of 450 living kidney donor candidates, 398 were rejected for donation and 52 were approved. Candidates who were rejected had a mean BMI of 28.9 kg/m2, which was significantly higher than the mean 25.9 kg/m2 for the approved group,

Of candidates approved for donation, only 11.5% were obese (BMI above 30) and 88.5% were non-obese (BMI below 30). Regardless of whether candidates were obese or not, whites were more likely to be approved for donation than non-whites (12.3% vs. 5%-6% of blacks and other race/ethnicities). Among the obese, non-whites were never approved for donation, she reported.

Dr. Stewart noted that a BMI above 35 is an absolute exclusion criterion for donation at her institution. In the study, 42.5% of prescreen denials were due to a BMI above 35.


In the other study, Deonna Moore, MSN, and colleagues at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., analyzed data from 967 potential donors. Of these, 212 (22%) were ineligible to donate, and 140 of them (66%) were excluded because they had a BMI of 35 or higher.


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