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Obesity and Living Kidney Donation



The link between obesity and diabetes, hypertension, and eventual kidney dysfunction is well recognized.


Glad to see the corroboration.

Now the study (emphasis mine):


…BMI was evaluated in 532 donors over 11 years from 2002-2012. Measurements were made pre-operatively, at 1 year, and at the present time. Follow-up range varied from 12 month to 11 years dependent on the date of donation. Of the 532 patients queried, 100 patients had long-term results. At 1 year there was an overall decrease in BMI, however at anytime after the 1st year postoperative, BMI trended upwards, with more than half of overweight patients (BMI 25-30) at the time of donation dipping into the obese range (BMI > 30). Given these results and recognizing the attendant risks –especially with the background of a single kidney- we have initiated further lifestyle and nutrition counseling at our center and are considering more stringent preoperative weight control policy.


So utilizing overweight folks as live kidney donors isn’t a good idea? And there are a lot of health risks to being obese, which are exacerbated by having only one kidney?

Hmm. Someone should tell these people.



Movassaghi, M., Dru, C., Koopman, S., & Fuchs, G. (2014). Trends in Body Mass Index after Donor Nephrectomy Journal of Endourology DOI: 10.1089/end.2013-0196.ECC13

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