Living Kidney Donor Potpourri

One Year Later

Technically, it’s a couple of weeks over the one-year mark, but I just received my lab results today.

Kidney function, aka GFR, aka Glomerular Filtration Rate is measured by Creatinine Clearance, in urine and/or urine. In general, the lower, the better.

According to, the normal range for creatinine is “0.5 to 1.1 milligrams per deciliter in adult females”. According to my pre-surgical evaluation results from The Cleveland Clinic, the normal range is “.70-1.40 mg/dl”.

My living donor evaluation (aka two-kidneyed) level: .81 mg/dl
Six-months post-donation (aka one-kidneyed) level: 1.19 mg/dl

And finally…

One-year post-donation creatinine clearance: 1.16 mg/dl

According to the literature, a living kidney donor can expect to achieve 70-80% of pre-donation function.

Mine? 69.8%

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