Living Donor Protections OPTN

OPTN’s Current Living Donor Policies

In 2006, HRSA gave OPTN the regulatory authority to develop policies regarding living donation that would have the weight and authority as policies governing deceased donation. What they’ve accomplished is viewable on the OPTN website here:

Of approximately 31 policy points:

– 9 are vacant and yet to be written, including “informed consent” and “independent donor advocate” and “long-term follow-up” and “insurance”.

– 14 duplicate deceased donor organ policies, including “transporting” and “ABO matching”, so in essence benefit the recipient.

– And 8 apply to the actual care of living donors.

Of those, six concern reporting requirements*. The other two address the allocation priority given to prior LKDs.


*The requirements the centers aren’t complying with anyway. See here.

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