Overheard aka Writers Gone Wild…

Three writers drinking beer, snacking and watching John Hughes films:

WGW 1: I was going crazy today so I went to the movies by myself. Me and Harry Potter all afternoon.

WGW 2: Haven’t read or seen a single one of those, but I did look up the naked photos when he was in that play.

WGW 3: What?!

WGW 1: You’re a perv.

WGW 2: I am not!

WGW 3: Is he even old enough to be naked in a play?

WGW 2: Yes. That’s why I’m not a perv. [To WGW 1] Oh c’mon. Don’t tell me you didn’t do it.

WGW 1 shakes her head.

WGW 3 grabs her laptop.

WGW 3: What am I looking for? Harry Potter…

WGW 1: His name is Daniel Radcliffe

WGW 2: Equus.

WGW 1: Google Images

A few seconds pass while search is conducted and results display.

WGW 1 & 3: Oooohhh…..

WGW 3: Not bad.

WGW 2: See. I’m not a perv.

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