Advocacy Potpourri

Perseverance, but in a graceless sort of way.

PGrumpy’s dad once said told PGrumpy that one of things he admired about me was my willingness to try new things. He was specifically referring to my fearlessness in terms of power tools or home renovation projects, but this tendency does spill over into other things.

So I spent yet another day today trying to comprehend freaking IRS forms. Painfully it’s the discrepancy between the info the state wants and the info the feds demand. If I don’t conform to the feds’ standards when I file with the state, then I have to amend with the state after I file with the feds. What a PITA.

I complained about this a bit today to my cohort in this particular crime, and she said “Hey, if we can filter through all this living donor b.s, we can figure this out!”

And you know what – she’s got a damned good point. Onward and upward….

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