Playground of the Gods by Cathy Cash-Spellman

This book was wretched, the sort of book that makes me wonder who actually decides what is published, and how does that editor still have his/her job. This was my first forey into Cathy’s literary world but according to the dust jacket, she is a “best selling author”. So does that mean this piece of drivel slipped through because she had produced something of value previously?

A mondo rich guy buys an island from a bunch of (say it with me) primitive natives so he can build an egregious compound. He invites his Rich Guy buddies to spend ten days with him there, and hey, bring along a bunch of bimbos for our respective entertainment! Sure, all that is believable enough, but a few of these women, as they are portrayed, would never, in the ‘real world’, agree to such a proposition.

Naturally, bad things happen, and one woman is raped and beat by one of the men, provoking a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ so to speak. The situation degenerates as the days pass until an impending typhoon brings everyone together in an attempt to survive.

Bad, folks, just bad. A serious crime took place; the guys align themselves with their ‘friend’ even though they know he’s a brute, and for the remainder of the narrative, the author emphasizes how “otherwise”, he’s a really, really nice and dependable guy (aww…), and somehow or other after it’s all said and done, NONE of the women, not even the REPORTER breaths a single word about any of it. Oh what – because the victim and her rapist are conveniently killed (the only ones killed, I might add), it’s superfluous to tell the world what spoiled assholes these Giants of Industry are? Oh and did I mention two of the women ended up marrying two of the men??

Talk about a bunch of women hating themselves. Female Power, my ass.

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