Postal Rate Increases

We all know the cost of first class stamps is increasing from .39 to .41, but did you know the cost of sending a “flat” (bubble mailer, cardboard mailer, an envelope bigger than the standard) is also increasing? As are prices for parcels?

Yep, the USPS is going from a strictly weight-based system to a combination weight and size based system, much like UPS and the like.

Below is the breakdown by weight, but not size. At this point, I don’t know how much that affects price, or what the criteria is.


Letters, first-class mail

Current New
1 oz. $0.39 $0.41
2 oz. $0.63 $0.58
Under 3.5 oz. $1.09 $0.92

The cost for flats will increase much more than the cost for letter-size mail, with some weights increasing by more than 50 percent.

First-class flats, single-piece rate

Current New
1 oz. $0.52 $0.80
2 oz. $0.63 $0.97
3 oz. $0.87 $1.14
Add’l ounce $0.24 $0.17

The cost for first-class parcels will increase much more than the cost for letter- and flat-size mail.

Current New
1 oz. $0.52 $1.13
2 oz. $0.63 $1.30
Each add’l oz. (up to 13 oz.) $0.24 $0.17

One of the major initiatives involves new ways to price big but lightweight parcels. This includes the introduction of “dimensional weight” (or dim weight) pricing and “balloon” rates that would impose a minimum charge on oversize parcels.

**In short, the lowest shipping for any package under the old system was .63, which included .52 weight and .11 non-machinable handling fee. If the same package is considered a “flat” (and I’m not certain it will be because there is a ‘thickness’ and ‘flexibility’ factor now to these calculations, as well as size and weight), the price has skyrocketed to .97 (the non-machinable handling fee has risen to .17). If they consider it a parcel, then it the lowest shipping cost will be $1.13 (provided there is no handling fee)

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it seems like stamps JUST went up..

i saw a poster at the post office a few months ago.. about the star wars stamps going on sale in like june or something.. but the first thing that struck me was that they all said 41 cents on them!

holy crack!

what we should do is plot the price rise over time (adjusted for inflation) along with the price of gas, milk, and eggs..

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