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Pre-Nephrectomy Kidney Volume Matters

Pre-nephrectomy (kidney removal) volume, otherwise known as parenchyma ,was measured in 75 patients who underwent the procedure from 2000-2010.
“Over median follow-up of 36 months postsurgery, progression to Chronic Kidney Disease (defined as GFR less than 60) occurred in 42.6% of patientsMedian time to reach CKD postnephrectomy is 12.7 (range 0.03–43.66) months for renal volume <144?mL but not achieved if renal volume is >144?mL.”

Normal kidney parenchymal volume and preoperative eGFR are independent predictive factors for postoperative CKD after Radical Nephrectomy and may represent renal reserve for both surgically and medically induced CKD, respectively.

Now, the reason I emphasized that last phrase is because too many folks try to say that a 60 GFR is okay in a living kidney donor (surgically induced) but not in a two-kidneyed person (aka medically induced). These researchers differ with that conclusion.




Wu, F., Tay, M., Tai, B., Chen, Z., Tan, L., Goh, B., Raman, L., & Tiong, H. (2015). Preoperative Renal Volume: A Surrogate Measure for Radical Nephrectomy-Induced Chronic Kidney Disease Journal of Endourology, 29 (12), 1406-1411 DOI: 10.1089/end.2015.0318

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