Pre-Op Planning or Nesting on a Limited Budget

In some ways, this is almost a sequel to my April 23 post. Because I have major hospital visitation looming, and I know I won’t be at 100% for a few weeks, I’m engaged in some serious nesting behavior.

I bought an ipod classic. I have a shuffle, compliments of Ms. Kimmie, but three days in The Cleveland Clinic plus however many days with limited mobility means I’m gonna need a helluva lot more than the shuffle can provide. (Ah – so many sexually explicit jokes abound, but I’ll control myself). I bought it on a credit card, which I NEVER do. I have been credit card free for years, but I have one to make large business purchases, which I always pay off immediately, if not sooner. However, considering the circumstances, I felt a wee bit justified in giving a small amount of money to the credit card devil. All my free time in front of the tv is also spent transferring ALL of my CDs into itunes and the ‘pod, and even going so far as to hunt down cover art cuz I love watching the graphics float by…

I bought a new dishwasher. The old one, burnt orange and brown circa 1968, croaked over a year ago. What’s taken so long to find a replacement wasn’t necessarily the money (although that’s ALWAYS an issue), it was the my complete confusion over what made one dishwasher better than another. Truth be told, I still don’t flippin’ know; I just took the lovely lady at Home Depot’s word for it.

It’s sleek; it’s black (oh crap, here come the sex innuendos again); and it’s QUIET. After the first ‘test’ wash, my SO peered through the cracked door and exclaimed, “Come here! You have to come look at this! Look at our glasses! Look out sparkly they are!”

And I’m buying shower fixtures in the next day or two. I simply HAVE to get the big hole in my bathroom taken care of before I’m flat on my back, out of my head with morphine (whoa… does that spot on the carpet look like George Carlin or what?). I can’t say the shower will operational with tile and all those nicieties, but if I get the dang fixtures, the plumbing can be hooked up and the wall can be in. I can (perhaps, if I’m way more motivated than I am right now) get the rest of the walls prepped and primed.

So I’m a busy girl. Hence the reason for my absense here..

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Just catching up on your blog. I am hoping you’re coming up with a playlist that only someone donating a kidney could come up with!

Wow! You’re being WAY more productive than I am. I just hope to have a clean house the night before I go in for the surgery. Although, God knows with 3 teens, it won’t stay clean for long. However, I won’t be at work and I can issue orders from my post on the couch in front of the big screen!

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