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Primum Non Nocere – by Lorraine Hawks

I am the Lahey live donor liver widow.


Those of us left behind by the senseless death of a live liver or kidney donor; our voices must be heard.

The dark side of organ donation, be it live or cadaver, is rarely made known to the public.

People only want to hear the sunny stories, and dismiss the donor deaths and donor complications as if it should just be an accepted given.

It is not.

Organ transplantation is supposed to save lives, not kill the donors.
Doctors take a oath to “First do no harm”.

My husband wasn’t just harmed by live liver organ donation, he is now dead.

My husband’s death certificate lists his cause of death as “intra-operative hemorrhage”. In plain english, my husband bled to death on the operating table.

Afterwards CMS cited Lahey for “failure to initiate a massive blood transfusion protocol”. They was cited for non compliance on other things too. (See CNN.COM article “Organ Donor’s Surgery Death Sparks Questions“, published on April 08 2012)

Since Paul’s death, according to a government report, “The Lahey has now instructed the staff on massive blood transfusion protocols and they are back in compliance”.


That news is not comforting to me.

And it won’t bring back my Beloved.


Lorraine Hawks


Gravemarker of Paul Hawks, liver donor, died 2010

One reply on “Primum Non Nocere – by Lorraine Hawks”

I am so sorry for your loss. I am a living liver donor also, date of surgery 6/9/99. My brother was the recipient and did relatively well for several years, but died in 2007 from hep C complications.

After the surgery I felt that I had not been informed as well as I could have been, and received almost no aftercare. I was hoping that things may have changed for the better since our surgery.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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