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Why Prospective Liver Donors Don’t Donate

162 potential living liver donors were evaluated at a single center from January 2007 through August 2012.

The work up of 22 (13.6%) donors was terminated before completion because of recipient related issues in 17 cases and 5 donor withdrawals.

Of the 140 donors who completed their work up, 80 (57.1%) were accepted for donation and 60 (42.9%) were declined.

61 made it to the operating room; one was declined intraoperatively because of abnormal anatomy. The other 60 donated.

The remaining 19 (of the total 140) were not operated upon because of recipient issues (8 drop-off, 6 received Deceased-Donor Liver Transplant, 4 psychosocial issues and one delisted).
Of the 60 potential donors who were declined:

– fatty liver: 31 (51.6%)
– unfavorable anatomy: 21 (35%)
– small remnant liver volume: 14 (23%) [iow: the amount of liver needed for the recipient would’ve left the donor with too little liver]
– reduced graft to recipient body weight ratio: 7 (11.6%) [potential donor was a much smaller person than the intended recipient]
– donor withdrawal: 6 (10%)
Twenty three (38.4%) potential donors had more than one cause for rejection while 37 (61.6%) had only one cause. Incidental other radiological findings as a contraindication were seen in 3 cases.


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