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I have done the reading. Not just of the piles of paper the transplant center gives you, but pages upon pages of ‘net derived text and statistics. Hell, I even asked the nephrologist about any professional journals I could peruse through (And really? Who voluntarily and without threat of death would seek out painfully dry, academic journal articles? They are not heart-pounding romps, I assure you)

Here are a couple of tidbits I couldn’t find anywhere (and please bear in mind that these numbers *might* vary based on the transplant center. I don’t know that for a fact, but it’s a possibility)

To be a living kidney donor:

-Cholesterol should be under 200.

-GFR (aka that kidney filtering test where they nuke you with the radiated iodine) should be at least 80.

Here’s an odd little piece of medical trivia – apparently about 70% of folks in my area (whether that means Ohio, NEO or what, I’m not certain) will test positive for exposure to Epstein-Barr. That doesn’t mean you have it, or you’ll get it, of course; just that you’re showing anti-bodies for it.

The little creepy-crawlers we have floating around in our bodies and we just don’t have a clue….

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Response to your post on my blog since I’m old and archaic and am not quite sure if I respond to your comment in my blog if it somehow automatically gets to you or not!

As you can see from my writings I was all over the map with my emotions. My sister kept a lot of her emotions to herself during our experience. As we got closer to the event and I became more sure of my motivations, I made extremely clear to her that I was doing this for myself…for my own motivations and that there were no strings attached or payback required or anything.

I know that she and her husband still feel the same overwhelming gratitude and uncertainty of how to deal with it.

On my part it is somewhat easier since we are physically over a thousand miles apart.

I will tell you this; we were not particularly close before this but have a helluva a lot closer and better relationship now.

Hang in there. When is the surgery scheduled for?

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