Readers Corner

Readers Corner: “Pure” by Juliana Baggott

This book is a clear example of why I’ll never vote against a library levy.

That particular day, I wandered into the library to return a book then made my way to the New Fiction shelves to browse. Based solely on the dust jacket, I took “Pure” home, where I was quickly immersed in Baggot’s dystopian post-apocalyptic (sorta) world full of people fused with inanimate objects and other living creatures. The characters and events revealed themselves in short but captivating chapters, reminding the reader in oh-so-gentle ways that while things change, they also remain the same, especially in matters of love and justice.

Early on I realized this was but part one of a trilogy, which annoyed me, but I was already too hooked to put the book down. So now, like all of Pure’s other readers, I wait with a certain impatience for part two.

And part three..


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