Real Values or Just Pandering?

While I applaud the message in this film, I have to ask myself – Dove’s parent company is Unilever, and they own, amongst other things, SlimFast and Axe.

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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If it’s out there, frankly, I don’t care how it got there or under what auspices. As long as we can share it with as many people as possible, I’m good. Really. If it is pandering, let it backfire on them. I can sleep at night knowing that it did. Haven’t “they” scarred me and those I love enough that they can take a couple for the team in return, if, in fact, they aren’t being sincere? I find it interesting, though, if you were to go to and look at their ads for their products for older women, they were not well received because most women don’t want to see a “real older woman,” especially, dare I say it, nude. It’s OK to be that in real life but not to look at it on TV. I thought those women were beautiful. Interesting sociological commentary on how we view older women in society REALLY.

I’m not sure we, as a society, agree it’s acceptable to be older in ‘real life’. I think advertisers and media have done such a bang-up job over the past however many years of convincing us that women should be perpetually young and perky that we recoil in horror when presented with ‘real’ women.

In the same way that male nudity is funny, so that Will Ferrell and Mike Myers, two guys who should NEVER have their shirts off are allowed to wander around naked or in a speedo and it’s okay cuz it’s for a laugh, women celebrities are splashed all over tabloids with headlines such as “Best and Worse Beach Body”. Notice there are never any men in those things???

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