rockstar; supernova

This will be my only remark (at least until the finale), I promise, I promise.

Guys, whatever you do, do NOT choose Lukas. I realize it’s a bunch of little girly’s addicted to the emo-bullshit MTV is cramming down their throats who are voting here, but keep in mind what your music sounds like. Keep in mind who’s producing this album for you (Believe me, it’s clearly evident to those of us who are great admirers of his). I think Lukas is a great talent and he’ll be fine on his own, but his image and his voice, they don’t get it done. He’s too brooding, he’s too cocky (and not in a good “I’m a rockstar, fuck off” kind of way) and he’s not accessible enough to the public in general.

The SuperNova song you performed last night, I’m convinced I would’ve enjoyed it a helluva lot better had someone else been on vocals. He just doesn’t fit, boys, regardless of how cool you think he is. Do us all a favor and just let it go.

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Dude, seriously. Lukas could totally win “Rockstar: Adam Ant.” But on this show? He’s weak.

But, he seems to be pretty popular. I guess that’s what happens when people confuse “Omigawd, he’s like, soooo hawt!” with “You know, that guy is a damned good singer.”

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