Sex Sells – But What?

As everyone has heard, Ms. Kimmie is flying to Ohio tomorrow to begin the Siren Halloween 2005 festivities. Considering this particular holiday is Kimmie’s favorite and she’s sucked me into her overexuberance, we’re anticipating some highly memorable adventures.

In preparing our calendar of events (Yes, we have no idea where our panties disappear to, but we always keep track of our social engagements), I happened upon a Devil’s Night soiree at a local club. Awfully excited about this prospect, I investigated further, only to discover a much hyped “appearances” by “girls” of something-or-other.

I ask you, why does every event have to involve some sort of objectification of women? The use of sex as a draw or selling aspect has descended to the point of absurdity. Even the most recent Cleveland Open Golf event had a television commercial depicting very attractive women in short skirts and impractical shoes flailing uselessly at the tee. Two white men in a nearby golf cart had this exchange:

“Looks like we’ll be here awhile”
“I don’t mind”

The obviously vapid ladies (cuz otherwise, they’d actually be able to HIT the ball), are, naturally, Jaeger girls.

Cuz Gosh Golly, what would a golf tournament be without big-breasted, young women in tight, revealing outfits??

Considering that golf has become the main means of recreation and out-of-the-boardroom business deals for corporate America, and folks like Tiger Woods and Anika Sorenstam have brought the sport to the common folks, this tactic is a fantastic means of alienating a huge chunk of your potential customer base.

Which leads me directly back to this Devil’s Night Party. Since when did Halloween become the domain of young, potentially uneducated or just immature, straight males? Let me make this as simple as I can:

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find straight men hanging out at a function where other men are wearing very little clothing and flaunting what they’ve got (Body building competitions or wrestling matches aside). You will not see straight men at a male revue, you will not find them in a gay club – they’re not even watching “Queer As Folk” (which is a damn shame cuz that show is fabulous). So why, oh WHY, do these idiot event organizers think that women want to spend their evening surrounded by females with dubious self-worth who will enter “She-Devil” contests, or congregate with the Skanks of Whoever-Whatever??

The idea here is that if there are women, the men will come. The theory is that men spend the money; on themselves and on the women. (At least this holds true in bar-parlance, I’m not so sure what the golf people were thinking) In reality, you’re stuck with trampy women and the men who are attracted to them.

Seriously, would this party have been so wimpy had they held a co-ed costume contest and kept the Strippers In Training out of it instead? My guess is, with an organizer that has no more imagination than to utilize women’s bodies as promotion, it’ll be lame anyway.

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