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Once Again, Ship Kidneys Not Donors

During a 44 month period in Australia, 84 kidneys were transported for transplantation at a different center (16 were transplanted at the same center).

” A spontaneous fall in serum creatinine by at least 10% within 24 h was observed in 85% of recipients, with no difference between nonshipped and shipped kidneys.

There was no difference in recipients of nonshipped compared with shipped kidneys with regard to serum creatinine at 1 month, 1-year graft survival, or patient survival ”


Allen, R., Pleass, H., Clayton, P., Woodroffe, C., & Ferrari, P. (2016). Outcomes of kidney paired donation transplants in relation to shipping and cold ischaemia time Transplant International, 29 (4), 425-431 DOI: 10.1111/tri.12719

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