Small Rant

My usual Saturday morning routine consists of a trip to the allergist’s office for a shot in each arm, perhaps a stop at Target, the library, the pharmacy or grocery store and finally, my local post office.

I pulled with three our four other vehicles, but I was first one through the door.

Not that it mattered because the gates were down and securely locked.

“Are they closed?” a guy with a tremendous box in his arms asked.

“Looks that way.” I replied.

“Where’s another post office?” I heard him yell to his companion, and I wanted to say “dude, if one’s closed, they’re all closed.”

On my way out, I read the sign on the door that indicated they were closed at noon on Thursday, all day Friday and Saturday for the July 4th holiday.

Three days off for a single one-day holiday? Seriously??

I want to thank George W. Bush for signing the ost office bill two years ago allowing them to raise first class rates over 100%, then another hike this year (and I’m sure, again and again every subsequent year) while their customer service distintegrates, and apparently, their math skills dissolve since they think it’s perfectly acceptable to close for THREE day for a ONE day holiday.

I realize Mr. Bush doesn’t care about such menial things because he doesn’t have to pay for postage, but for the rest of us, especially small business owners dealing with packages under 13oz, we’re getting royally screwed.

In this global society, not to mention the sense of immediate entitlement so prolific in Americans, what business can cease operating for three days (actually four, cuz they’re closed on Sunday!) and still stay viable?

The answer is – nobody – unless you have such a huge market share that there is virtually no competition (microsoft) or you’re protected by the federal government.

While I’m not like all those free market idiots out there who support the abolishment of the SEC, EPA, FCC, FDA, FTC, FAA and the like, I am a consumer, citizen and entrepeneur who votes with her feet and wallet. And I am damned tired of being held hostage to the USPS’ incompetence.

Forget gas prices, Iraq, illegal immigrants, and health care; I’m voting for the first candidate to support the removal of the USPS monopoly on first class mail. Who’s with me?

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