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Some Living Donor Love From a Doctor With Kidney Disease

First Do no Harm: The Living Renal Donor Dilemma – Dr. Brenda Mayne’s Story.

There’s so much I could say about all of this, but it’s probably easier to just point everyone over to Living Donor 101, or refer to the blog archives instead.

Cases like Brenda’s are why I repeatedly (and annoyingly) urge prospective living donors to EDUCATE THEMSELVES before undergoing the procedure. Asking questions of the doctors, coordinators, nurses, etc at the transplant center simply isn’t enough. It should be, but it isn’t. The belief that living donation is the best treatment for the recipient, coupled with the idea that living donation is safe for the donor is so pervasive and strong that the transplant industry is seemingly unable to entertain anything to the contrary. Even the author of the above blog, diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, was never told that home dialysis produces the same quality results as transplant. Considering his history of cancer, this information should’ve spilled forth from the nephrologist early in the author’s treatment. Yet he was steered toward a transplant instead.

It is imperative we serve as our own fanged advocate, before and after the donation. No medical professional cares more about our health than we do. No one else has to live with the repercussions either.

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I was able to access the page via google and the direct link.

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