Everyone knows “ugly betty” star America Ferrara.

Here she is at the Teen Choice Awards on August 26.

And here she is (I guess) on the latest issue of Glamour Magazine.

Mind you, this is the “first annual figure flattery issue”

Usually, in an such a blantant instance of mysogyny (because how else would you describe completely defiling her physicality but as a display of hatred toward women?), I would become enraged and start spewing all sorts of philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology and otherwise theories. I’m generally very good being pissed off about these sorts of things.

But I look at this, the complete and utter destruction of a person (because Ms. Ferrara IS a human being before she is anything else) all in the name of maintaining and increasing women’s insecurities and neurosis, our self-hatred, for vapid commercialism and I’m –

Well, it just makes me sad. Sad for every young woman who admires Mr. Ferrara, sadder still for every young woman who reads insidiously damaging publications like Glamour and Cosmo, and sadder still for everyone who sees this thinks it’s no big deal.

Because it’s a VERY. BIG. DEAL.

Tell Glamour what you think.

You also might want to know that Glamour’s parent company also publishes Concierge / Epicurious / / / / / / NutritionData / YM / Allure / Architectural Digest / Brides / Condé Nast Portfolio / CookieDomino / Glamour / Golf Digest / Golf for Women / Golf World / House & Garden / Lucky / Men’s Vogue / Self / Teen Vogue / The New Yorker / Vanity Fair

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I had to send a SCATHING comment to Glamour, and then proceeded to send a link to everyone I know to this post so they can do the same. My five year old daughter asked me if she was fat last week. WTF???

Coming from a latin family, I know all too well of the pressures of looking like a model and getting married and letting the genes take over. Latin men take a second look whether she’s a size 6 or a size 16. He knows his woman can cook, clean, bare children, hold his hand and love him for all he is. And he respects her, not because of her waistline, but because she’s always a woman, his woman and for the beautiful spirit God gave her. Go to a wedding in Miami anyday and the average wedding dress size is between a 14 and a 22. How’s that for Cosmo girls!!!!!! And the bride isn’t afraid to eat her wedding cake!!!!

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