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Stress Impedes Wound Healing In Living Kidney Donors

52 living kidney donors underwent the hand-assisted laparoscopic procedure then had ultrasounds to measure wound healing.


Higher pre-operative life stress, lower optimism and lower conscientiousness were associated with delayed wound healing in living kidney donors for both outcomes. Increased emotional stability was associated with faster wound healing as demonstrated by a change in median intensity. Possible confounding factors, such as age, BMI, smoking status, local anaesthetic use and wound drain placement were not influential.


Maple, H., Chilcot, J., Lee, V., Simmonds, S., Weinman, J., & Mamode, N. (2014). Stress predicts the trajectory of wound healing in living kidney donors as measured by high-resolution ultrasound Brain, Behavior, and Immunity DOI: 10.1016/j.bbi.2014.06.012

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