Want to be Immortal? Support this art installation

When I was a fledgling adult, I spent too much time trying to decide between the creative and social justice parts of my personality. It was a revelation to me when someone said “The best art changes the world”.

So I’m taking a moment today to help promote a project I think is really great, by an artist with a fierce spirit.


“Everyone wants to be immortalized…here is your chance… This piece consists of 100 different portraits of real people and their story in their own words. Each portrait measures 8×8″ and is painted in a pop comic style. Each painting is as unique as the person/people it portrays. We are all heros to someone and we all deserve our lives to be remembered. Even if we only touch the lives of one person, we are still ripples in the pond. The above photos are mock-ups of the project. Each portrait is hand painted by me and each person portrayed has given consent to be apart of the piece. No last names are used.”


Consider having your portrait painted and your story told. Or just consider kicking in a few bucks to make the project a reality: