Awkward Moment at the Theater

Porthouse Theater in Cuyahoga Falls (technically) is a wonderful outdoor playhouse on the grounds of Blossom Music Center and affiliated with Kent State University.

Last night I attended a performance of South Pacific with five other people, including my parents. Our little horde split to take advantage of the two ticket-taker lines, which left me following my dad.

The performance began at 8pm so the air was cooling. Our ticket-processor was a retired gentleman to whom my dad asked, “Think I’ll be warm enough?”

“You probably should have a coat,” he replied.

“Ah, I guess I’ll just have to snuggle,” Dad said as he walked away.

Aforementioned ticket-processor looked at me and quipped, “Well, aren’t you a lucky girl.”

In a very small (and horrified) voice I said, “That’s my dad.”