Friday Dog (Greyhound) Blogging – April 5, 2013


This is what I call the “Beacon of Love” face. You can’t tell from this photo, but the love seat is next to the staircase. Mr. Beaks perches himself on that love seat every day and waits for me to finish showering and dressing upstairs.


Proof: see photo taken from above and through the railing. Note that groovy 1960s avacado green carpet. I really have to to get rid of that.


Friday Dog Blogging – March 22, 2013


My first girl greyhound Hillary. She was the biggest snuggle-bug I have ever met, but also a bit brain damaged. One day I came downstairs to discover she’d gotten her head stuck in a Triscuit box. Instead of tossing her head, or sending out a doggie distress signal, she wandered (quietly!) around the living room, softly bumping into things and changing directions. i sometimes wonder how long she would’ve meandered about if I hadn’t taken pity on her.

Here, she got stuck somewhere between standing up and lying down.

Brain Damage.


Friday Dog Blogging 3-15-2013

Beacon 3-14-2013According to Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, yesterday celebrated ten years of cat blogging. Well, not to be outdone:

This is a bad cell phone pic of my greyhound Beacon (my cell phone fails miserably at long distances). A couple of months ago, he developed a fear of his raised feeder. We tried every lure and manipulation imaginable for the first few weeks then decided it was far less stressful (for us more than him, although him too) to put his food dish on the floor and let him lie down and dine at his leisure.

He has no problem drinking water out of the raised feeder, however.

Yeah, I don’t know either.