Happy Birthday PGrumpy

Captioned “Cruise Ships Gone Wild”

Were we drinking? Yes

Happy something-something birthday to that guy on my far right there. You know, the one with the fork in his hand that really just wants to eat his dinner…


The Power of Friends

Within 24 hours of having outpatient endometriosis surgery, Suze dropped by with two kinds of rice pudding (comfort food from my childhood) and Amy leaves a card about farting sharks (its a CO2 thing), a pack of ‘granny’ undies to protect my incision, high-waisted PJs and a bag of easter chocolate.

I have good friends. I am a lucky woman.


Happy Birthday to Keri

Today is Keri’s (something-something) birthday. We’ve been through a lot, she and I, which almost goes without saying since we’ve known each other more than half our lives. (I suddenly feel the need for a hip replacement and bifocals) Too many Psych classes, waaay too many boys, two weddings, home purchases and a couple of births – both hers.

In this photo, we’re in New Orleans, as the sun sets on the VooDoo Music Fest 2006. Stranded in Atlanta airport, we rented a GMC Yukon and drove ALL NIGHT, arriving in NOLA at dawn, just in time to see the destruction still left from Katrina, and cross the bridge where so many fled for their lives.

We’ve taken different paths and made different choices over the years, but we’ve always shared the values.

We both believe you should leave the world a better place than when you found it.

We both belive you should never stop growing and learning.

And we both believe in the importance of laughter and love.

Happy birthday Sistergirl.