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‘Significant’ Problems at Hackensack University’s Kidney Transplant Program

The federal government found 28 “significant” deficiencies in the kidney transplant program at Hackensack University Medical Center before the hospital agreed to suspend it temporarily next month for an overhaul, according to Medicare documents.


Hackensack was threatened with closure LAST YEAR. Why was the public not informed of these deficiencies when they were found then?


…the survival rate after receiving a kidney transplant at Hackensack was 87.2 percent compared with the expected rate of 95.7 percent, and that the graft-survival rate,  or the survival of the kidney once transplanted in the recipient,  was 85.9 percent, compared with the expected rate of 92.6, for the 30 months ended 2010.

Only two patients died last year, and none in the last nine months, Flynn said (compliance officer).


Oh, only two? Well, pshaw.


Forty-nine kidney transplants were performed in the year ended last June 30, including 17 from living donors and 32 from deceased donors.

Ten patients died, compared with the expected rate of 3.53. Thirteen grafts failed, compared with the expected rate of 7.37. .”   <- I surmise this means within 30 months that ended in 2010, as indicated in a prior sentence.


And finally,

Twenty-seven of 800 organ transplant programs closed either temporarily or permanently last year



TWENTY SEVEN programs were closed at least part of the time last year. Where is the responsibility to the public? How many of those program closures, no matter how temporary, were reported in the media? UNOS, OPTN and Medicare are funded with tax money. Their first priority should be to the public, not protecting hospitals’ and surgeons’ reputations.


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