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2011 Statistics Crunching, part deux

I’m not a marketing person.

I’m trying to be a marketing person, but the going is slow and treacherous – sort of like trying to dodge dog poo piles in the back yard at night.

BUT if one wishes to monetize, or prove how important/popular one is in one’s chosen field, then one must learn to market and assess one’s marketing attempts.


My twitter followers increased 34% in December 2011.

And the facebook fan page rose 6% in ‘likes’ in the past 6 weeks.

(Now if I could just finish the LD101 renovation, and move this blog to its own url, I might be on to something…..)

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Living Donor 101 Stats for 2011

It’s difficult to know sometimes, in this vast universe that is the internet, if I’m doing nothing but blathering to myself (On certain occasions, it’s probably better if I am). So, every month I consult my website statistics and add them to an ever-growing spread sheet for analysis. Before I focus on a new year of living donor advocacy, I thought I’d share some of 2011’s highlights.

Unique visitors increased 103% from 2010.

Number of visits increased 97% from the year before.

Page views rose 86% from 2010.

Hits increased 83.6%.

To put this into perspective, launched in fall of 2008. Instead of adhering to a screwy fiscal year, I chose to go by the calendar, meaning that I couldn’t really examine year over year numbers until 2010.

Unique visitors and number of visits rose 110% and 116% respectively over 2009, while page views and hits increased 84.7% and 86%.

In short, the traffic on LD101 for 2011 is almost 200% what it was just two years ago. While I have no illusions this will continue indefinitely, I’m quite proud of what we’ve* accomplished so far. Educating the public and providing support for living donors and their loved ones is important (and under-appreciated) work.

My immediate goals for 2012 are to complete the website renovation, and move the blog to its own website. I have a bunch of other thoughts and half-realized projects on the to-do list, but I’m not ready to put them out there for public consumption. Let’s just say it could be interesting.

Happy New Year Everybody.

*Yes, each and every one of you that has contributed to this blog, or sent me an email, or mentioned LD101 in some way is partially responsible for this success.


Not Really MIA

I know it’s been quite in this corner of cyberspace but that’s because I’ve been reading research articles and adding content to the living liver donor page on LD101. Unfortunately nothing I’ve run across is remotely comforting.

Oh, and my garage door broke: the spring and the drive shaft of the opener. $300 later… good thing I got some cashola for Christmas, yes?


Living Donor 101 Stats for November

Looking at the keywords folks used to find LD101 says a lot about what people are concerned about.

Kidney donor complications
risks of being a kidney donor
living kidney donor risks
live kidney donor risks
long term repercussions of being a live organ donor
kidney donation risks


A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

My undergrad alumni magazine did a little profile on my living donor advocacy work. (you’ll have to click on it to see it full size) It’d be great to keep spreading the word, so if you know any media professionals who might be interested in the ‘real’ story of living donors, let me know.