Get that Living Donor Something Special!

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I’ve added a few designs – just in time for the holidays! All proceeds (what tiny percentage is thrown my way) goes to the care and feeding of

Living Kidney Donor

New Merch Designs

As requested, a few more designs have been posted in the zazzle store. I wasnt purposely ignoring men, but hey, I am a girl and I like girlish things.

Plus, when I looked at the stats for living donors (just about anything in any combination you can imagine), women do outnumber men at 58% from 1988 til now, nationally speaking.

The reason I stressed Living Donors is because men outweigh women as deceased donors, which shouldn’t be surprising considering more men than women die ‘accidentally’.

And let’s face it, women are more apt to wear cute shirts with slogans and stuff. We’re suckers that way…