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Post-Operative Kidney Function in Living Kidney Donors vs. Renal Cell Cancer

The authors compared 94 pairs of living kidney donors and folks who underwent nephrectomy due a cancerous kidney tumor.

Median pre-nephrectomy GFR was nearly equal for both groups.



In living kidney donors, median eGFR decreased by 34.4 % immediately after surgery. Compared with matched RN-patients, immediate postoperative [kidney function] is significantly more pronounced.



The percentage decrease in living kidney donors was higher than the comparison group too.


Why? They don’t know for sure, but one theory is that the folks with renal cancer were already exhibiting signs of hyperfiltration prior to surgery.

Vergho, D., Burger, M., Schrammel, M., Brookman-May, S., Gierth, M., Hoschke, B., Lopau, K., Gilfrich, C., Riedmiller, H., Wolff, I., & May, M. (2014). Matched-pair analysis of renal function in the immediate postoperative period: a comparison of living kidney donors versus patients nephrectomized for renal cell cancer World Journal of Urology DOI: 10.1007/s00345-014-1423-1