technology hell

I’m sure Ms. Kimmie will expound upon this greatly in her blog, but we are currently in the seventh circle of technology hell. Switching servers, mail hosts, and to boot, renovating the look of the site. Oh yes and let’s not forget the impending 15th monthly update.

I arrived home last night to see the message “Maintainence sucks” which a description of Kimmie pulling her hair out and I pacing the floor drinking vodka, both of us chanting “This SUCKS, this SUCKS…” on the main page of our cyber home. Ha, yeah that was not a vote of confidence in the progress of our transformation. This morning I received three very panicked and overwrought emails from my fearless partner, but after three hours sleep, her phone call reassured me that she hadn’t gone totally postal – yet.

Considering the grief we’ve been enduring over this, and all our business wrangling happening behind the scenes, I think the concert/interview I’m trying to line up would be a perfect reward for all our hard work. I could attempt to convince the publicist except that her email address disappeared with everything else last night!

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