Technology Hell

A few days ago the USB ports on my laptop decided to stop recognizing my ipod classic. First, I tried plugging it into a different port – nothing. Then I rebooted the computer – still nothing.

I went to the apple website and consulted their support forums. Good news – this is not an unusual problem. Bad news – there isn’t one agreed upon solution.

Device manager – check usb ports. Are they enabled? Are the drivers updated? Uninstall and reinstall the drivers. Reboot. Blah blah blah.

Try the 5 R’s of ipod, one of which – restore – translates into wiping your entire ipod clean. Considering I have 160gb worth of hard drive on this thing that I’d have to reload, I really don’t think that’s a viable solution.

Since one of the problems/solutions was to purchase a new cord, I plugged it into my PC – and it was recognized. Bad news – my PC is 2K and the new ipods require at least XP.

I have XP, the computer actually came with XP but for myriad reasons, when I bought it, I replaced it with 2k. Now, if I want to swith to XP, I have to make a back up of EVERYTHING on my hard drive, reformat and install XP.


I began researching external hard drives. At first glance, this should be relatively easy. But anyone who has gone into a home improvement store to buy a toilet and realized there are about 40 choices sitting on the shelves knows that NOTHING is a simple choice.

Hours of research and comparison shopping have lead me to the conclusion that A. All external hard drives suck. They’re unreliable and prone to hardware failure and B. all makers of hard drives know this so they replace the drives immediately if something goes wrong. However, that does nothing to reclaim any data you may have lost if the thing goes belly up.

I am really loathe to pay a hundred to two-hundred bucks on something that is running on borrowed time from the minute I purchase it. And I want to kick all the hardware companies for creating crappy products. Free market slash capitalism slash meritocracy slash cream rises to the top My Ass!

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