Terms of Service

For Living Donor 101

This is the legal, CYA portion of the program. Pay attention and no one gets hurt.

1. The information contained on www.livingdonor101.com is not a replacement for medical advice. By all means, contact a licensed physician, emergency room, or transplant center.

2. The information contained on www.livingdonor101.com is not a replacement for mental health services. Many living donors have found professionals with PTSD training especially helpful; do not be afraid to ‘audition’ a mental health professional and move on if it feels uncomfortable.

3. The information contained on www.livingdonor101.com is not a replacement for legal advice. There are no lawyers here, nor legal referrals. Remember: state laws vary considerably, as do legal opinions. Graduation from law school (JD) does not equal a licensed attorney.

4. From time to time, LD101 will post information regarding a research study open to living organ donors. Since the library of data collected on living organ donation and living donors is so sparse, LD101 is a supporter of attempts to expand the pool of knowledge, so to speak.

While LD101 promotes the availability of these opportunities and will only do so for those conducted by credible organizations or individuals who comply with established federal guidelines and protocol, LD101 is not privy to the details of each study and therefore cannot make any guarantees or warranties, and accepts no responsibility for the experience or results thereof.

5. LD101 is not responsible for the content or behavior of any external links or websites. If a link is invalid, please let us know.

6. LD101 does not share, sell or disseminate the email addresses or other contact or demographic information of its users.

7. LD101 currently contains no advertising. When or if LD101 begins accepting advertising as a source or revenue, all advertisements will be clearly marked to avoid confusion with editorial content. Please refer to the donations page for other funding information.

8. LD101 contains both referenced and original material, including graphics. All citations are clearly indicated by number and/or links and/or catalogued on the References page. Material that is not referenced is considered original material and is copyrighted as such. Any and all use of material from LD101 must include a proper citation. Any violation of LD101’s copyright will pursued vigilantly.

Last updated: April 10, 2013.