“That’s Just Wrong” Moment of the Day

I surfed over to ebay this morning and blasting from the screen in bright blue were the words “One-of-a-Kind Trading Card, signed by Mother Teresa”. Below was a partial photo with the hand-scrawled words “Bless You” and “Teresa” visible.

My reaction to this was mild revulsion, and I’m not even Catholic.

Mother Teresa was a wonderful woman (and possibly headed for sainthood), and I’m guessing she signed this card for someone specifically. To sell it – to make a profit from it? That almost borders on blasphemy in my opinion. Does the winning bidder believe whatever mojo Teresa put in her signature, in her sentiment, will transfer to them? Somehow I don’t think blessings work that way.

And the seller….I didn’t click on the listing because I feel dirty just knowing it exists, but I could give him/her the benefit of the doubt that the proceeds from the sale are going to charity. The cynical part of me(This is what happens when you live in country where capitalism is viewed by some as being synonymous with bullying and antithetical to ethics) thinks this seller is making money off someone’s spirituality. In that respect, it reminds of the charlatan psychics who tell their clients they’ve been cursed, then recommend they bury money as a cure, all so they can steal the money from some desperate person who came to them for help.

Didn’t Jesus throw the moneylenders out of the Temple?

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