The Evil Empire, continued…

I suspect you’ll be seeing quite a few posts regarding these idiots over the next however many months, so be forewarned….

As a recap, when ebay’s ‘bot dinged me, it has this to say:

Sellers may not communicate to buyers that they accept, or will not accept, specific forms of PayPal payment.

I replied to them stating I had two paypal accounts, one for business and one for personal use. (The business account is tied into score’s business checking account; we gotta get paid for that advertising somehow, yes?)Therefore, I never said I wouldn’t accept a certain type of paypal payment. This was their reply:

PayPal account holders may not split payments between a Personal PayPal account and a Premier or Business PayPal account by directing buyers paying with credit card to pay their Premier or Business account and buyers paying with PayPal balance or bank account to pay their Personal account. Any business payments that are split and made to a Personal account will be subject to fees applicable to a Business or Premier account. Personal accounts are for personal use only. If you would like to do business through your PayPal account, you must use a Premier or
Business account.

So let me get this straight – I’m not allowed to tell a buyer my paypal account is personal and therefore only accepting of e-checks and existing funds payments, yet I’m also not permitted to provide good customer service by offering my buyers an alternative means of payment, even if it means I’ll be hit with paypal’s business fees on my personal transactions?

Let me revisit a portion of the original email from ebay just to clarify:

Sellers must have a Premier or Business PayPal Account or be willing to upgrade from a Personal PayPal Account to a Premier or Business Account if sellers receive a credit card payment.


Please be aware that you are not required to use PayPal as an accepted form of payment for your listings. However, we hope that you will realize the protection and convenience that PayPal offers.

Translated, that means I have two choices: upgrade to a premier account and be dinged .30 + 2.9% of every transaction (on top of the listing fee and final value fee that ebay charges; and that’s at bare minimum), or not accept paypal at all.

Sounds to me like ebay is the internet equivalent of the mob – pay us protection money or we’ll burn your restaurant down. No wonder it’s turning into just another revenue stream for retail giants. No room anymore for those Pez collectors who built the company in the first place.

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