The Joy of Brothers

My neice graduated high school this weekend so all family and friends congregated at the homestead for food and drink. Sun, warmth, and I’m feeling great about the time I’m putting in at the gym…

My brother cruises in, sees me and announces “What the hell did you do to your hair?!”

Across the table and making no illusion that she didn’t just overhear this exclamation is an older Aunt of my brother-in-law. My gaze turned to her and I said, “Having a brother certainly keeps your self-esteem in check.”

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You can’t just tease us with something like that without a pix of what you did with your hair….. Blog readers like me thrive on pictures.


Oh I know ALL about that! I had my little brother (aka younger brother) explaing to his new friend who was visiting us this weekend saying “Kimmie used to have a pig stye for a bedroom… it was the messiest bedroom ever!” And I’m like… come on it wasn’t THAT bad. And he’s like.. no no, it was BAD. And I’m like… “Hey it might have been messy but I knew what was in what pile!” 🙂 Freakin’ brothers!

It looked pretty much like this – but I have naturally curly hair.

The irony is that when my brother strolled in, I said to my Dad, “Wow, he gets more grey hair everytime I see him.” To which my father replies, “Yeah, and there’s less and less of it too. But don’t mention it to him, he’s pretty sensitive about it.”

(For the record, this is the same guy who said “What the hell’d ya do that for?!?” when I had my brow pierced too)

You haven’t aged a bit since the last time I saw you (94 I think that was…Neiderts wedding, damn has it realy been that long?).

The grey hair hasn’t crept up on me too badly, so I my sister can’t pick on me just yet, and noone in my family ever loses their hair (yet, knowing my luck, I’ll have the defective genes).

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