Living Kidney Donor

The Real Solution to the So-Called Kidney Shortage

Every conversation about kidney transplants always focuses on increasing living donors and shortening wait times. In other words, supply side economics.

But what about decreasing demand?


Today I ran across an article pertaining to minority disparities in obtaining living donor kidney transplants. While this is an important issue (disparities in obtaining any sort of transplant, which I’ve written about elsewhere), I wanted to point out this seemingly innocuous little quote:


“About 70 to 80 percent of kidney failure is preventable by eating well, staying fit with physical activity, avoiding salt, drinking water – simple things we know can improve our health in general.”


Hm, how about that.

Not “let’s pay people for body parts” or “let’s take kidneys from prisoners” or “let’s trade kidneys for health insurance”. Just a simple Take-Care-of-Yourself.

What a concept.


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